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US Territory Flags & US City Flags
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Territories, Cities
50 State Flag Sets

US State flags and US Territory flags are USA made, offered in both nylon and woven polyester extreme wear fabrics.
(Annin Solar-Guard & Tough-Tex or Eder Flag SolarMax & Poly-Max)
Outdoor nylon flag sizes - 12"x18", 2x3 ft, 3x5 ft, 4x6 ft, 5x8 ft, 6x10 ft, 8x12 ft, and 10x15 ft, plus 3x5 ft, 4x6 ft and 5x8 ft woven polyester flags for Puerto Rico and District of Columbia.
Outdoor flags are finished with heading and brass grommets up to 6x10 ft. Outdoor flags 8x12 ft and larger are supplied with rope heading and metal thimble ends.
Indoor flags 3x5 ft and 4x6 ft are finished with pole hem and optional 2" gold fringe fringe.

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US Territory flags, desktop flag lapel pins, decals & flag patches.

US Territory Flags
Northern Marianas flag
Northern Marianas
List of US Territory flags: American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas.
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S City Flags / US Municipal Flags
SolarMax 200 denier nylon, USA made flags

Available flag sizes - 2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8' and 6'x10'. Most US City flags are click to buy in 3'x5' only,
please call for other sizes or quantity discounts.
City of Baltimore flag
City of Baltimore
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Boston flag
City of Boston
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Cincinnati flag
City of Cincinnati
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Cleveland flag
City of Cleveland
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Columbus flag
City of Columbus
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Dallas flag
City of Dallas
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Denver flag
City of Denver
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Houston flag
City of Houston
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Indianapolis flag
City of Indianapolis
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Jacksonville flag
City of Jacksonville
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Los Angeles flag
City of Los Angeles
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Madison flag
City of Madison
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Minneapolis flag
City of Minneapolis
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
New York City flag
New York City
3' x 5' nylon - $49.90
City of Phoenix
City of Phoenix
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Pittsburg flag
City of Pittsburgh
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Portland flag
City of Portland
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of San Antonio flag
City of San Antonio
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of St. Louis flag
City of St. Louis
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of St. Petersburg flag
City of St. Petersburg
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
City of Whicita flag
City of Wichita
3' x 5' nylon - $75.00
US City Flags / Municipal Flags available: City of Baltimore, City of Boston, City of Chicago, City of Cincinnati, City of Cleveland, City of Columbus, City of Dallas, City of Denver, City of Houston, City of Indianapolis, City of Jacksonville, City of Los Angeles, City of Madison, City of Minneapolis, City of New Orleans, New York City, City of Phoenix, City of Pittsburgh, City of Portland, City of San Antonio, City of San Francisco, City of St. Louis, City of St. Petersburg, Washington, DC, City of Wichita

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