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Residential Aluminum & Fiberglass Flagpoles
Outdoor Ground Mounted Poles
Ideal for Residential, Light Commercial and Low Cost Installation

Accessories & Hardware
Installation Instructions

Residential flagpoles
15' Patio Flagpole with
3'x5' flag
Aluminum Residential Flagpoles 15-25 ft, Sectional - Easy Installation
Made in the U.S.A.
Popular and Economical Residential Aluminum Flagpoles
Shipping/handling rate to most points within the continental USA

Flag Size
Shipping Wt
Natural Anodized
White Powdercoat
Dk. Bronze Powdercoat
15 ft
3 - 2" dia.
20 ft
4 - 2" dia.
25 ft
6 - 2.5" dia.
Sectional flagpoles ship at $25.00 UPS ground rate.

Modular shaft sections, Seamless 6063T5 aluminum tubing - rust free.
Easily disassembled for storage. Stock item - ships immediately.

Includes All Hardware:
4" gold anodized spun aluminum ball top ornament; stationary truck assembly with cast nylon sheave; braided nylon halyard, nylon snap hooks, cast aluminum cleat; ground setting tube, installation instructions.

Fiberglass residential flagpole
Fiberglass Flagpole

Villager White Fiberglass Flagpoles 20 ft., sectional, tapered
Estate Grade sectional poles, great price, easy assembly, Complete with foundation & finish hardware.
USA made
Recommended flag size - 3ft x 5ft, 4ft x 6ft

Ships on UPS oversize

Butt Dia.
Top Dia.
Flag Size
Shipping Wt
20 ft
3 1 /4"

For 25 ft or taller see - Single Section Fiberglass Flagpoles


Sectional poles, cone tapered, 100 mph unflagged wind speed
Maintenance free white gel-coat finnish: won't crackle, soil, discolor, chalk, scratch or mildew over time

Includes All Hardware:
5" gold anodized aluminum ball top, cleat, rotating truck assembly, halyard and flag snaps, foundation sleeve

Telescoping Flagpole
Telescoping pole w/ wheel base

Multi-Use Telescoping Flagpole
Adjustable to 19ft
Great for tailgating, residential display, special events, advertising
$119.90 ,
Sectional flagpoles ship at $25.00 UPS ground rate.

Aluminum telescoping pole
2" base diameter - 1 3/8" top diameter
4 telescoping sections
Snap-Lock sections for full extension or twist lock to adjustable height

Includes All Hardware:
Wheel Stand, 14" PVC ground sleeve, 3 ft Rotating Arm - Banner Display, Gold Aluminum Ball

Telescoping Flagpole - ball top
Telescoping pole w/ ball top
banner arm
Telescoping pole w/ banner arm
Telescoping Flagpole-collar
Telescoping pole collar

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