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Auto Racing flags
Last Lap - White flag
Auto Racing flags
Start - Green flag
Auto Racing flag
Caution - Yellow flag
Auto Racing flags
Stop - Red flag
Auto Racing flag
Go to Your Pit - Black flag
Checkered flag
End of Race - Checkered flag
Auto Racing flags
Move Over flag
Motorsport flags; complete flag sets for auto racing & motorcycle racing.

Auto racing sets / Motorcycle racing sets with dowels on this page ship at best UPS rates. Please select large package shipping on your order page.
Higher shipping rates may apply to multiple sets with dowels. Please call for quote.
Auto Racing flag set
Auto Racing Flag Sets - 7 flags
24" x 24" nylon w/ pole sleeve (flags only) - $109.40
24" x 24" nylon w/ pole sleeve (flags + 36" dowels) - $160.40
24" x 30" nylon w/ pole sleeve (flags + 48" dowels) - $160.40
Motorcycle Racing flags
Motorcycle Racing Flag Sets
- 8 flags
30" x 30" nylon w/ pole sleeve (flags only) - $150.00
30" x 30" nylon w/ pole sleeve (flags + dowels) - $169.00
Auto racing flag sets include seven auto racing flags: white flag (one lap to go), green flag (start), yellow flag (caution), red flag (stop), black flag (leave the track), checkered flag (finish flag), and blue w/ orange stripe flag (move to the outside). Motorcycle racing flag sets are eight racing flags that include an additional red cross flag signifying that an "ambulance is on the track" and use a simple blue flag without the diagonal stripe for a "move to the outside" signal. Both flag sets are nylon, U.S. made, with a canvas pole sleeve that will slip over a 3/4" wood dowel. Both auto racing flags and motorcycle racing flags are used at both the start / finish line and by turn workers.
Auto Racing Flag Set - replacement flags
24"x30" nylon w/ pole sleeve (flag + 48" dowel)

End of Race (checkered) - $27.50
Final Lap (white) - $27.50
Start Race (green) - $27.50
Leave Track (black) - $27.50
Move to Outside (blue/yellow) - $27.50
Stop (red) - $27.50
Caution (yellow) - $27.50
Checkered flag
Checkered Racing Flags
- Black & White
24"x24" Nylon, w/ heading & grommets - $22.20

24"x24" Nylon, w/ pole band - $22.20
24"x24" Nylon, with 36" wood dowels - $25.20

Checkered Flags, Checkered Racing Bunting, Pennant Strings
Checkered Racing flag
Checkered Flag w/ heading & grommets 3'x5'
Lightweight Poly
- $16.00
200 Denier Nylon
- $32.40
Checkered flag
Checkered Flag 3'x5', black/yellow
Nylon - $32.50
Checkered flag
Checkered Flag 3'x5', blue/white
Nylon - $32.50
Checkered flag
Checkered Flag 3'x5', red/white
Nylon - $32.50
Checkered Racing flag Checkered flag Checkered flag Racing flags
Checkered Flags 3'x3' w/ heading and grommets
Black/White - $27.00
Blue/White - $27.00
Green/White - $27.00
Red/White - $27.00
Checkered Bunting / Racing Bunting
Checkered Racing Bunting Roll 18"x100 yards - 4 mil poly

Black/White - $88.50
Blue/White - $88.50
Yellow/Black - $88.50
Red/White - $88.50
Checkered Racing Fan/Bunting
Checkered Pleated Fans, black & white
Nylon with top header and brass grommets
3'x6' - $37.00

Checkered Racing Flag Pennants
Checkered Racing Flag Pennants
Rectangle Pennants
60 ft. string - 9"x12", 30 flags,
4mil poly - $19.90 ea
Bulk Discounts Available
Checkered Pennant Strings
Checkered Pennants Strings
Triangle Pennants
60 ft. string - 12"x18", 30 flags,
4mil poly - $19.90 ea

Bulk Discounts Available

Auto Racing Desktop Flags
Checkered Lapel Pins, Patches, and Decals

Auto Racing desktop flags
Official Auto Racing Desktop Flag Set
4"x5", 7 desktop flags, black plastic base
Checkered Racing flag, checkered desktop flag
Checkered Desktop flag B&W 4"x5"
Chreckered flag lapel pin
Checkered flag lapel pin
Etched & Die Struck Enamel flag lapel pins on brass
3/4" to 1" (19 to 24 mm) $2.50
Checkered flag decal
Checkered flag decal
3.25" x 5" on vinyl stock w/ UV blocking inks.
Non-permanent adhesive - waterproof
. - $2.00
Checkered flags 12x18" poly mounted
30 " wood staffs, gold spear - 1 dozen - $46.80
Checkered flag patch
Checkered flag patch
100% embroidered including trim, 2 1/2" x 3"
Washable, sew-on, iron-on. - $3.00

Motorcycle Flags
Motorcycle Bracket
Motorcycle Bracket & Flag
Motorcycle flag bracket
Big Bolt Motorcycle Bracket & US Flag
Heavy-duty polished aluminum bracket attaches securely to the back of any bike. The 9" x 3/8" staff screws off and on the bracket to accomodate any 8" or smaller flag with open pole hem. U.S. Flag (sold separately) is fully dyed with 4 rows of stitching on fly hem.

Big Bolt Motorcycle Bracket - $58.40
USA flag 8"x12" - for Motorcycle Bracket - $9.50
please call to order

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