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US Military Unit regulation flags, brigade, regimental and organizational colors are all made to order.
Ceremonial or formal colors are custom made of 200 denier nylon and can also be embroidered in Rayon for the highest quality.
Flags can be produced printed, stitched /
appliquéd or embroidered with fringe or no fringe.

We supply custom flags for any military unit
. Email your art for a quote or call USA Toll Free 800-798-5431

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Air Force Indoor / Parade Embroidered Colors
Sizes: 3x4 ft, 3x5 ft, 4 ft 4 inch x 5 ft 6 inch

Material: Nylon or Rayon

Unit AF flags (bottom row, right) are available displaying the shield only that would normally appear within the 13 star circle found on formal AF flags.

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Air Force Organizational embroidered flag
Air Force Organizational, Embroidered Nylon
543rd ISR Group flag, Lackland AFB
543rd ISR Group, Lackland, 4x6 ft Rayon
USAF 480th embroidered flag
480th Intelligence Group, Langley AFB
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480th Surveillance, embroidered flag
480th Surveillance, Langley AFB
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480th Reconnaisance Technical Group formal flag
480th Reconnaissance, Langley AFB
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AF unit flag
Colorado Air National Guard 140th Wing
embroidered 3x4 ft nylon flag
Buckley AFB
Heavy Airlift Command custom unit flag
Heavy Airlift Wing
4ft 4 x 5 ft 6 embroidered rayon flag
Pápa Air Base, Hungary

Custom Military Unit flag
20th Mission Support Group
custom embroidered 3x5 ft nylon
Shaw AFB
For US Air Force Distinct Unit Flag Emblems andt Insignias see Air Force Historic Research Agency
Army Indoor / Parade Organizational Flags, Embroidered / Appliqued
Sizes: 3x4 ft, 3x5 ft, 4 ft 4 inch x 5 ft 6 inch
Material: Nylon or Rayon
Supplied in accordance with Insitute of Heraldry (TIOH) specifications to various units

Army Organizational embroidered flag
Army Organzational Flag
3x4 ft embroidered
Army Field flag also available

TIOH specifications
Historic TIOH drawing
7th Brigade USACC embroidered flag
7th Brigade
USA Cadet Command, Ft. Knox
3x4 ft embroidered flag
Army Health, Schofield Barracks
Army Health Clinic
Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
3x4 ft embroidered, with white fringe
52nd Engineer Battalion formal embroidered flag
52nd Engineers Battalion
"Nous Servons", Ft Carson
embroidered colors 3x5 ft nylon

Army Meddac Ft Polk
Army Meddac Ft Polk Colors
3x4 ft custom embroidered
Indoor flag, no fringe
100th Infantry Battalion embroidered flag
100th Infantry Battalion, Pearl Harbor
custom embroidered 3x4 ft rayon
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3rd Ordnance regimental colors
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Custom Colors, embroidered
(retirement - 3rd Ordnance)
Army 56th Medical formal colors
56th Medical Group Formal Colors
Embroidered 3x4 ft Rayon
4th Engineer Battalion formal colors
4th Engineers Battalion
"Volens Et Potens", Ft Carson
embroidered colors 3x5 ft nylon
5th Engineers Battalion embroidered colors
5th Engineers Battalion, Ft Leonard Wood
"Courage Skill Strength"
embroidered 3x5 ft nylon
ROTC Eastern Carolina flag
Eastern Carolina Univ. ROTC
3x5 ft embroidered flag

Missile Defense Command flag
10th Army Air & Missile
Defense Command
3x4 ft appliqued nylon flag

California National Guard Officer Flag
California National Guard
2 Star Officer Flag
3x5 ft appliqued flag with fringe

Custom Brigade Flag
Custom Sustainment Brigade Flag
3x4 ft double side
fully appliqued / sewn outdoor flag
Custom Cavalry flag
2nd Squadron / 17th Cavalry
Task Force Saber, 3x5 ft
double face fully stitched
3rd Infantry Custom Unit Flag
3rd Heavy Combat Brigade, 3rd Infantry
3x5 ft appliqued / stitched
outdoor flag w/ rope heading
Army Medical 2 star officer flag
Army Medical 2 Star Officer flag
3x5 ft w/ gold fringe
Navy Organizational Flags, US Marine Corps Colors, Coast Guard Formal Flags
U.S. Navy Formal Colors, Embroidered
Sizes: 3x4 ft, 3x5 ft, 4 ft 4 inch x 5 ft 6 inch
Material: Nylon or Rayon

US Navy Organizational embroidered flag
Marine Corps Formal Colors, Embroidered
Sizes: 3x4 ft, 3x5 ft, 4 ft 4 inch x 5 ft 6 inch
Material: Nylon or Rayon

USMC embroidered formal colors
Coast Guard Formal Colors, Embroidered
Sizes: 3x4 ft, 3x5 ft, 4 ft 4 inch x 5 ft 6 inch
Material: Nylon or Rayon
Coast Guard embroidered flag

United States Embroidered Rayon Flags
Sizes: 3x4 ft - 3x5 ft - 4x6 ft - 4 ft 4 inch x 5 ft 6 inch

Made of woven rayon material to government specifications. Finest material available, larger embroidered stars, sewn stripes, gold rayon fringe, flannel lined pole hem / sleeve. See USA Flags, Rayon.

USA flag, embroidered rayon

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US Government Departmental and Agency Flags

Government flag specification drawings
Embroidery machinery creating elements of the USMC Eagle, Globe, Anchor (EGA).
Embroidered Marine Corps flags embroidered military flags

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