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( June 2017)

Regulation Army guidon size = 20" x 27 3/4" with a pole sleeve and leather tab. Specify guidon type and lettering required: Adjutant General, Air Defense Artillery, Armor Corps, Aviation, Cavalry, Chemical Corps, Civil Affairs, Dental Corps, Engineer, Field Artillery, Finance Corps, Infantry, Judge Advocate General, Medical, Military Intelligence, Military Police, NOCA, Ordinance, Public Affairs, Psychological, Quartermaster, Recruiting, ROTC, Signal Corps, Special Forces, Support, Transportation, Unassigned (#'s only), Veterinary Corps, Warrant Officer. Single side guidons with no pole sleeve are available in various sizes, either hemmed or unhemmed to meet your frame size and matting type; for example, full size, half size 10"x13", 8"x10", etc. Please specify size, style and lettering desired.

Custom Cavalry Guidon
Cavalry guidon
Army Scouts Custom Guidon
Army Scouts Custom Guidon
Custom Transportation Guidon
displayed below is double sided appliquéd
Custom Transportation GuidonCustom Transportation Guidon
Transportation Corps
1463rd, custom guidon
Transportation Guidon
44th Signal Battalion Guidon
stitched emblem & text
Signal Corps Guidon
Custom Chemical Corps Guidon 20 x 27 3/4"
displayed below is double sided appliquéd
Custom Chemical Corps Military GuidonChemical Corps Guidon
78th Signal Battalion Guidon
Signal Corps guidon
333rd Signal Company Custom Guidon
Signal Corps guidon
Custom Air Defense Guidon 20 x 27 3/4"
displayed below is double sided appliquéd
Air Defense Guidon Custom Air Defense Guidon
363rd Ordnance Guidon
double sided stitched
Ordnance guidon
Ordnance Guidon 20 x 27 3/4"
class 1 appliquéd
Army Ordnance guidon
Custom Infantry Guidons 20 x 27 3/4"
displayed below are double sided appliquéd
Infantry guidonInfantry guidon sewn
32nd Military Police
Wisconsin National Guard
Military Police Guidon
102nd NY Army Guard
MP guidon (GTMO)
102nd Military Police guidon
Infantry Guidon
double side appliquéd
Infantry GuidonCustom Infantry Guidon
304th Army Reserves
MP guidon
Army Reserves guidon
450th Army Reserves
MP guidon
MP guidon
Military Police Guidon
Arctic MP's
Military Police guidon
545th Military Police
custom stitched, dbl. sided
Military Police guidon
Custom Armor Guidon 20" x 27 3/4"
class 3 double sided appliquéd
Custom Armor Guidons Custom Armor Guidon
1058 MEK, Ft. Benning
Army Ranger Special Forces
Army Rangers Guidon
Custom Infantry Guidon
Custom Infantry guiidon
Custom Cavalry Guidon
Custom Cavalry guidon
609th Transportation Guidon
printed, double sided
Transportation Corps guidon, 609th
Army Health Clinic,
Medical Corps Guidon

Yuma, Arizona
Medical Corps Custom Guidon
stitched emblem only
Medical Corps Guidon
Custom Artillery Guidon
single sided for mounting
Artillery Corps Guidon
Army Engineer Corps
custom guidon, digital print
Army Engineers guidon
Army Air guidon
stitched / appliqued
Army Air guidon
Army Aviation Custom Guidon
Printed for framing
Army Aviation Custom Guidon
Army Engineer Corps, Palau
custom sewn guidon
Army Corps of Engineers guidon
Army Engineer Corps, Palau
sewn guidon, reverse
Army Corps, Palau
Custom Guidon, Indian 4th
FOB Warhorse, Iraq

Guidon, FOB Warhorse
Custom SNCOIC Guidon
Muscat, Oman
SNCOIC guidon
Custom Army JTF Guidon
Eglin AFB, printed
Custom Army Guidon
Fort Buchanan Custom Guidon
digital print
Army Military Guidon
HHC Custom Guidon
Army Guidon
Missouri National Guard Guidon
2/310th, printed Great Seal
National Guard guidon
Coast Artillery Guidon
(Historic Army WW II)
Custom Coast Artillery Guidon
Coast Artillery Guidon
Historic Coast Artillery guidon
Custom Military Guidon
appliquéd letter panels
Military Guidon
JTF Empire Shield
custom print guidon
Custom Military Guidon

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