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US Military flags are USA made, Nyl-glo nylon or SolarMax nylon. Most US Military flags are available in- 12"x18", 2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8', plus desktop size.
Service Star Banner / Service Banner also. See below for U.S. Military Desktop Flags & Desktop Sets
Order quantities can be changed on your order page.
Embassy Flag is a registered US Government Contractor & GSA Contract holder, and employs US military combat veterans.

Formal Colors
Formal Colors
Custom Military Unit Flags
Unit Flags
Custom Military Unit Flags
Military Pins, Patches
Pins, Patches
Military Memorial Items
Memorial Items

Air National Guard flag
Air National Guard
3x5 ft Outdoor nylon - $49.90
3x5 ft Indoor w/fringe - $75.60
Space Force Flag
Space Force
Dept of Homeland Security flag
Homeland Security Department flags
U.S. Border patrol flag
U.S. Border Patrol flags
Customs & Border Protection flag
Customs & Border Protection flags

101st Airborne
Quality USA made nylon flag
3' x 5' USA made nylon - $79.90
3' x 5' poly import - $11.00
Embroidered shield patch - $3.00

First Navy Jack, G-Spec flags
Merchant Marines flag
Merchant Marines
3x5 ft outdoor nylon - $39.80
Service Star banner
The Service Star Banner a.k.a. Blue Star Banner is displayed by immediate family members of a person serving in the Armed Forces during a period of war. The family memeber who is in the Service does not need to be stations over-seas in order for his or her family to display the banner. Organizations and businesses may also display the Service Banner if they have members serving in the Armed Forces. Service Star Banners / Blue Star Banners are made by Annin & Co. under US Government authorization.

Mourning Fan
Mourning Fan - 3'x6'
pleated fan, black & purple
Nylon - $57.80

Military Grave Markers Fire Fighter flag
Fire Fighter
Grave Marker Flag
Military Grave Markers

Fire Fighters flag
Firefighters flags, USA made
3x5 ft outdoor nylon - $39.80
12"x18" mounted stick flag - $5.60

Flag Cases
Flag Cases

Military flags pictured above: US Airforce flag, US Army flag, US Coast Guard flag, US Marine Corps flag, US Navy flag, POW MIA flag, Army National Guard flag, Fire Fighter flag

US Military Desktop Flags & Desktop Flag Sets

Sold individually, please call for bulk orders
$3.50 each - Order menu

Military desktop flags
Air Force
Military desktop flags
Coast Guard desktop flag
Coast Guard
Marine Corp desktop flag
Marine Corps
Navy desktop flag
USA desktop flag
United States / USA

POW desktop flag

  First Navy Jack desktop flag
First Na
vy Jack
Navy Seabees desktop flag
Navy Seabees (our special offer)
Armed Forces Desktop Flag Set
Armed Forces Miniature Desktop Flag Set
4"x6" Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and USA
6 hole black plastic base - $14.70

Desktop Flag Stands / Bases
# 1-7 hole black plastic, #10 & 12 hole wood

- Order Menu
(Custom imprinted desktop flag bases are also available)

American Eagle Desktop Set
American Eagle Statuette Desktop Set
Eagle is heavyweight zinc alloy with brass-like finish.
Pure Marble Base
Statuette Height: 10 in., Eagle Wingspan: 5 1/2 "
Base: 3 3/4" square, Weight: 8 lbs

Military Emblems
$49.80 each, click below to order
Navy U.S. Great Seal Marine Corps
Coast Guard Army Air Force
Available with your choice of Armed Forces Emblem
or Great of the United States

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