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arine flags, international ensigns are USA made, 12"x18" 200 denier Nyl-glo or SolarMax nylon, with canvas heading and brass grommets.
We also produce custom yacht club burgees and boat flags.
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We can custom make any other non-stock international boat flag - $56.00 allow 2 weeks, call USA toll free 800-798-5431
Larger sizes, 24x36" or greater, should be ordered from our world flag pages.
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Andorra boat flag
Andorra 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Anguilla boat flag
Anguilla 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $23.60
Antigua Barbuda boat flag
Antigua 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $23.60
Argentina civl boat flag
Argentina 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Armenia boat flag
Armenia 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $23.60
Aruba boat flag
Aruba 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Australia boat flag
Australia 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Austria boat flag
Austria 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Bahamas national boat flag
Bahamas 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Bahamas red ensign
Bahamas Red 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Barbados boat flag
Barbados 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $20.80
Belize boat flag
Belize 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $29.80
Belgium boat flag
Belgium 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Bermuda boat flag
Bermuda 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Bolivia civil boat flag
Bolivia 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Brazil boat flag
Brazil 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $20.80
Bulgaria boat flag
Bulgaria 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
British Red Ensign
British Red Ensign 12x18"
Buy - $17.80
British Virgin Islands national boat flag
British Virgin Is. 12"x18"
Buy - $17.80
British Virgin Islands red ensign
BVI Red Ensign 12"x18"
Buy - $17.80
Canada boat flag
Canada 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Canary Islands boat flag
Canary Is. 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Catalonia boat flag
Catalonia 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $23.00
Cayman Islands national boat flag
Cayman Is. 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $29.80
Cayman Islands red ensign
Cayman Red Ensign 12"x18"
Buy - $23.60
Chad boat flag
Chad 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Chile boat flag
Chile 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Colombia boat flag
Colombia 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Costa Rica civil boat flag
Costa Rica 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Cuba boat flag
Cuba 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Curacao boat flag
Curacao 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Czech Republic boat flag
Czech Rep. 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Denmark boat flag
Denmark 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Dominica boat flag
Dominica 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $29.80
Dominican Republic civil boat flag
Dominican Rep. 12"x18"
Buy - $17.80
Ecuador civil boat flag
Ecuador 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
El Salvador civil boat flag
El Salvador 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
England St George cross boat flag
England 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Estonia boat flag
Estonia 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Faroe Islands boat flag
Faroe Is. 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $21.00
Finland boat flag
Finland 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
France boat flag
France 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Gabon boat flag
Gabon 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Germany boat flag
Germany 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Gibraltar boat flag
Gibraltar 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $23.60
Greece boat flag
e 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Grenada boat flag
Grenada 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $23.60
Guatemal civil boat flag
Guatemala 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Guinea boat flag
Guinea 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Haiti civil boat flag
Haiti Civil 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Honduras boat flag
Honduras 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $20.80
Hungary boat flag
Hungary 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Indonesia boat flag
Indonesia 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Ireland boat flag
Ireland 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Israel boat flag
Israel 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $17.80
Italy boat flag
Italy 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
Ivory Coast boat flag
Ivory Coast 12"x18" nylon
Buy - $14.20
We can custom make any other non-stock international boat flag - $56.00 allow 2 weeks, call USA toll free 800-798-5431

Boating flags / Marine flags are stocked for more than 100 different nations. International boat flags are also known as courtesy flags, The courtesy flag of the visited country replaces the yellow quarantine flag once cleared into port. International boat flags can also be used to display the heritage or nationality of the boat owner. Some international courtesy flags are the civil ensign of the nation, i.e. without the national coat of arms or emblem. Countries that specify the use of a civil ensign for marine use include Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, San Marino, Serbia, and Spain. Use of the national flag that includes the emblem or coat of arms can be viewed as either improper protocol, or in some cases, illegal.

Information for Display of Courtesy Flags & Foreign Guest Flags (ref; United States Power Squadron)
If your vessel is mastless, it should display the courtesy flag at the bow, in lieu of a squadron or club burgee, or on a starboard antenna strong enough to support it. If your vessel has one or more masts, display it single-hoisted at the outboard signal halyard of the main starboard spreader. Move any flag normally flown there to the inboard starboard halyard or, if your boat has only one halyard per side, to the port spreader halyard.

The customs observed in various foreign waters differ from one another. It is best to learn the correct procedure for the country you are entering. In some countries it is customary to fly the courtesy flag only after the quarantine flag (the yellow 'Q' flag) and the vessel has been granted pratique by the appropriate authorities.

Do not fly a foreign courtesy flag after you have returned to U.S. waters. Do not display U.S. yacht ensigns in foreign waters.

When a foreign guest is aboard, the ensign of the guest's country may be displayed from the bow staff or outboard port spreader. Should more than one such guest flag be appropriate, wear them on spreader halyards from port to starboard in the alphabetical order of their countries' names in the English language

Pratique - def. "License or permission to use a port, given to a ship after quarantine or on showing a clean bill of health".

When an American boat crosses the national boundaries of the United States to visit a foreign port, or a foreign-yacht visits an American port, certain customs, immigration, and other regulations must be obeyed. As a result of various provisions and exemptions applying to yachts, not to vessels engaged in trade, the procedure has been so simplified that there is nothing in these legal requirements to deter a recreational craft from enjoying a cruise outside U.S. waters. There are severe penalties, however, for failure to observe the regulations that do apply.

On arrival at a foreign port, the owner or captain of a yacht (any size) should report to the authorities. The "Q" flag (plain yellow) should be flown where it can be easily seen-starboard spreader, radio antenna, fishing outrigger, etc.- to indicate that the vessel desires to be boarded by customs and other governmental authorities. When reporting, the crew and guests must remain aboard until permission (pratique) has been granted to land. Once pratique has been granted, the "Q" flag may be lowered and the courtesy flag of that nation may be hoisted. Traditionally, quarantine flags are not used for trips between the United States and Canada on the Great Lakes.

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