Embassy Flag, Marine Flags

Marine flags / Boat flags / Nautical flags & pennants are USA made, Nyl-glo or SolarMax nylon, with canvas heading and brass grommets.
We also produce custom yacht club burgees and boat flags.

Novelty and Fun Nylon Boating Flags, USA made
Beer Mug boat flags
Beer Mug Boat Flag
12"x18" - $13.90
Cocktail boat flag
Cocktail 12"x18" $13.90
Cocktail 3'x5' - $29.90
Cocktail banner
Cocktail Banner 30"x48" nylon
w/ pole sleeve - $29.90

USA Patriot boat flag
USA Patriot Flag
12"x18" -$13.90

Coffee Time boat flag
Guest Coffee Time Flag
12"x18" -$13.90
19th hole, Golf flag
19th Hole /Golf
12"x18" nylon -$13.90
No Smoking Boat flag
No Smoking Flag
12"x18" - $13.90
Skunk flag
Skunk flag
12"x18" -$13.90
Skin Diver, Scuba flag
Diver Flag / Skin Diver Flag
Guest Flag, Boat flag
Guest Flag 12"x18"
Quarantine boat flag
Quarantine Boat Flag
12"x18" - $13.90 / 16"x24" - $15.90
Meal Flag, Marine Flag
Meal / Dinner Flag
12"x18" -$13.90
Absent Flag, Nautical Flag
Owner's Absent Flag
12"x18" -$13.90
I Love Fishing boat flag
I Love Fishing Flag
12"x18" - $13.90
Happy Hour flag / Cocktail flag
Happy Hour Flag
3'x5' nylon -$29.90
I Love Sailing boat flag
I Love Sailing Flag
12"x18" - $13.90
Popular Novelty Boat Pennants
Pennants 10"x15", 200 denier nylon w/ canvas heading and brass grommets, fly from the bow or stern.
Jolly Roger Pennant, Pirate Pennant
Jolly Roger Pennant
Pirate Pennant $11.90
Cocktail Bow Pennant
Cocktail Pennant
Sailboat bow pennant
Deal Me In pennant
Deal Me In Pennant
Skier on Board pennant
Skier On Board
Boat Safe pennant
Boat Safe, Boat Sober

Boat Flag Descriptions and Use
Diver flags have a diagonal white stripe across a red field. The "Alpha" signal code flag can also signify "diver down". Guest boat flags have a white diagonal stripe across a blue field. Quarantine boat flags are yellow blanks and are also offered in five other signal code flag sizes. Quarantine flags are used to declare entry into a foreign country and to request customs and immigration clearance. The quarantine flag is flown from the port side of the boat and replaced by the courtesy flag of the visited country once cleared into port. Dinner / Meal flags are plain white blanks. Owner Absent flags are navy blue blanks. Beer flags, Cocktail flags and Happy Hour flags are also offered in full size 3x5 ft sizes. The 19th hole flag pertains to after golf libations, and not so much to boating. Jolly Roger, Gadsden and Confederate boat flags are 12x18"and are also available in full flag sizes. The Skunk flag signifies "no fish", "getting skunked" or not hooking a fish. Once you catch a fish, you'll probably be proud to fly one of our fish flags. The I Love Fishing and I Love Sailing flags have stylized text along with the red heart emblem on a white field. If you don't want to allow smoking on board, use the No Smoking flag, white lettering on a green field with the universal red slash symbol. You can also invite other boaters or even landlubbers on board with the Coffee Time flag (cup of hot java on a purple flag) or the Cocktail flag, a white flag with double martini glasses. The USA Patriot flag simply spells out "USA" in a red, white and blue motif.

Jolly Roger boat pennants advertise fun and adventure for the crew of vessels that fly it. Boat Safe / Boat Sober (ship's wheel emblem on a red pennant) and Cocktail pennants (red on white) are reminders to those on the water to enjoy themselves without endangering anyone’s life. The cocktail pennant leaves a quick visual warning about the dangers of intoxication on the water. Deal Me In Pennants carry an image of a deck of cards and chips, for poker or card game enthusiasts. Skier on Board pennants are two tone blue and designed for water skiing sport enthusiasts.The Sailboat pennant has an image of a ship's wheel and a sailboat silhouette in black on a gold background.

Fish Flags, Ocean Sport Fishing Flags, Catch / Release Flags
Fish flags for salt water and fresh water fishermen and sport, party and charter fishing boats. 12"x18" printed nylon, made in the U.S.A., with canvas heading and brass grommets.
Fish flags can be custom produced in larger sizes. We will quote special pricing for quantity purchases for charter boat operators. Toll free 800-798-5431.
Albacore fish flag
Blue Fish boat flag
Blue Fish
Dolphin fish flag
Dolphin / Mahi Mahi
King Mackerel fishing flag
King Mackerel
Mako shark fishing flag
Mako Shark
Marlin fish flag
Sailfish boating flag
Shark fish flag
Striped Bass fishing flag
Striped Bass
Swordfish boat flag
Tarpon nautical flag
Tuna fish flag
Wahoo fish flag
White Marlin fishing flag
White Marlin
Fish Flags / Fishing Boat Flags


Trout Fisherman fishing flags
Trout Fisherman
12"x18" - $13.90
Bass Fisherman fishing flag
Bass Fisherman
12"x18" - $13.90
Charter boat fish flags

Fishing boats often fly flags denoting their catch. They should be flown from the port outrigger or spreader, and are flown upside down if the catch was released. Multiple catches can fly multiple flags.

The Pacific Albacore flag has a red fish on white. The Dolphin or Mahi Mahi flag, has a black fish on gold. Sailfish is white on Red. Blue fish, King Mackerel, Mako Shark, Marlin, Shark, Swordfish and Tuna fishing flags are all with a blue fish on a white background, Tarpon, Wahoo and White Marlin are all white on blue. Striped Bass is also white on blue.

Fresh water bass and trout sport fishermen can claim their stake as the "world's best" at their sport with their own boat flag.

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