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Yachting flags / Yacht ensigns / Boat flags are USA made marine flags, Dupont Nyl-glo or SolarMax nylon, canvas heading, brass grommets.
Marine flags / boating flags have embroidered or sewn designs. We also produce custom yacht club burgees.

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US Yacht Ensigns, Power Squadron, Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Union Jacks
Buy the best quality USA made marine flags; embroidered or sewn designs on heavy weight nylon
United States boat flags, sewn
USA Boat Flags
Sewn stripes &
embroidered stars
USA made 200 denier nylon.

USA Nylon Boat Flags
Canvas heading & brass grommets.
12"x18" - $16.60
16"x24" - $17.50

20"x30" - $21.00
24"x36" - $21.90

30"x48" - $23.65
Marine flags & flagpole sets
Marine Flagpole - Aluminum
3/4" x 32" pole w/ chrome plated base, 13° angle
Fits 16"x24"flags
(12"x18" flags w/carabiner clips).
Flags sold separately
US Yacht Ensign


12x18" thru 24x36" embroidered stars
US Union Jack marine flags

50 star US Navy Jack
aka "Union Jack"
Power Squadron

sewn stars and anchor
miniature carabiner
Stainless steel miniature carabiners w/ dual spring gates, size: 1.56” x .56” Double gated. $2.35 each
Yacht Ensign Decal
Yacht Ensign vinyl decal 3.25"x5"
First Navy Jack boat flag
First Navy Jack boat flag
12x18" nlyon - $16.50
Coast Guard Auxiliary
Coast Guard Auxiliary Flag
12"x19.5" - $23.40
15"x24" - $27.20
Race Committee flags / Regatta flags

appliqued emblems

Yacht Ensigns are quality USA made, with embroidered or sewn stars and anchor, and sewn stripes and offered in 7 sizes from 12"x18" to 4 x 6 ft. Compare the high quality of our US Yacht Ensigns to those ensigns elsewhere that are sold as printed. The design consists of 13 white stars and and anchor and rope emblem in white on a blue field n the canton with thirteen alternating red and white stripes. Yacht ensign vinyl decals are also in stock, and also made in the USA.

The US Navy Jack (aka Union Jack) is offered in 100% nylon with embroidered stars. It has 50 white stars on a blue field in 9 rows, alternating 6 and 5 stars per row and was used as the U.S. Navy Jack prior to September 11, 2002 when it was replaced by the First Navy Jack (Dont Tread on Me flag). It is still used as a maritime flag by the U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA and several other federal agencies. The U.S. Union Jack is offered in 3 sizes, all are fully embroidered.

Official US Coast Guard Auxiliary flags: The field of the Auxiliary Ensign is medium blue (Pantone® 280C) with a broad diagonal white slash upon which a matching blue Coast Guard Auxiliary emblem is centered. The white slash is at a 70 degree angle, rising away from the hoist. This flag is offered in two sizes. (ref: U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry April 2011 edition)

U.S. Power Squadron ensigns are an inversion of the Yacht Ensign and the design consists of 13 white stars and a white anchor & rope emblem in on a red upper hoist canton, with 13 alternating vertical white and blue stripes in the field. Power Squadron flags are offered in 5 sizes, all flags are nylon and USA made.

Yacht Race Committee Flags / Yacht Regatta Flags are 100% USA made of marine grade SolarMax nylon with appliqued / stitched emblems and two brass grommets. R&C letters are in white, the anchor and rope emblem in red, all on a blue field. Race committee flags are available in 5 sizes.

12"X18" with grommets, made in the U.S.A. Officer flags have embroidered or sewn designs on heavy weight nylon. Some are offered in printed.
Yacht Club Commodore flag
Commodore - $24.90
Yacht Club Vice Commodore flag
Vice Commodore - $24.90
Yacht Club Rear Commodore flag
Rear Commodore - $24.90
Yacht Club Past Commodore flag
Past Commodore - $24.90
Yacht Club Fleet Captain flag
Fleet Captain - $24.90
Yacht Club Secretary flag
Secretary - $24.90
Yacht Club Treasurer flag
Treasurer - $24.90
Nautical Flagpoles
Nautical Flagpoles
Yacht Club Officer Desktop Flags, Table Top Flags
4"x6" soft nylon miniature flags, mounted on a 10" black staff with golden spear point
Commodore desktop flag
Commodore - $3.50
Vice Commodore desktop flag
Vice Commodore - $3.50
Rear Commodore desktop flag
Rear Commodore - $3.50
Past Commodore desktop flag
Past Commodore - $3.50
Fleet Captain desktop flag
Fleet Captain - $3.50
Secretary desktop flag
Secretary - $3.50
Treasurer desktop flag
Treasurer - $3.50
Desktop flag stands
Desktop Flag Stands / Bases
for 4"x6" desktop flags
# 1-7 hole black plastic
#10 & 12 hole wood
Commodore flags have 13 white stars in a circle around a white anchor and rope emblem on a blue field. Vice Commodore flags have the same 13 white stars and anchor and rope emblem on a red field. Rear Commodore flags have red stars and the emblem on a white field. Past Commodore flags have 3 white stars on the hoist side, with the anchor and rope emblem to the fly. The Fleet Captain flag has the anchor and rope emblem in blue on a white field. The Secretary flag has white crossed quill pens on a blue field. The Treasurer flag has a white acorn on a blue field. All yacht club officer flags are USA made.

Custom Yacht Club Burgees, Yacht Club Signals, Private Ensignss, Custom Boating Flags, Nautical Flags
Custom marine and boating flags are offered in printed or sewn styles on heavy weight nylon and woven polyester.
Flamenco Marina Signal
printed yacht ensign appliqued sewn custom boat flag
Custom yacht burgee   Custom yacht ensign

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