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Photo Etched Enamel & Die Struck Enamel flag lapel pins on brass, 3/4" to 1" (19 to 24 mm). Flag pins / lapel pins are sold individually or in bulk.
We stock several hundred or more of each of hundreds of flag lapel pin styles.
Widely used by international business event planners, consular / diplomatic services. Most international flag lapel pins are $2.50 ea. (Other lapel pins priced as marked) Adjust quantities on your order page.
Also see Bulk Lapel Pins and Custom

International Flag Lapel Pins /
World Flag Lapel Pins
US State Flag Lapel Pins &
US Territory Flag Lapel Pins
Country Flag Lapel PinsInternational Flag Pins
Single Flag Lapel Pins
Crossed Flag Lapel PinsInternational friendship flag pins
Friendship Flag Lapel Pins
US State Flag lapel pinsOhio state flag lapel  pin
Single Flag Lapel Pins
US state / USA crossed flag lapel pinsState Flag Lapel Pins
Friendship Flag Lapel Pins
World A - C
World D - K
State Flag Lapel Pins
World L - Q
World R - Z

Note that nearly all lapel pin production in the world is centered in just one region of China.
Labor costs are far lower than elsewhere and many enamel fill processes are not compliant with USA EPA regulations.
Note also that pins made in China are not TAA compliant.

Embassy Flag is now offers 100% USA made friendship flag pins for international business and protocol
Available for all UN member nations. 2 week delivery, 100 piece minimum.
USA made international friendship flag pins

Premium United States Flag Pins and U.S. Military Lapel Pins Made in America. Buy USA made lapel pins.
U.S.A. flag pins are available in both polished brass with full enamel color and in 10K gold.
U.S. Military pins are 100% U.S.A. made with domestic U.S.A. materials
United States Flag Pins made in America
USA premium flag pins

Air Force lapel pins, USA made
Air Force, Air Force Wings lapel pins
Army, Airborne, Defense lapel pins
Army, Dept of Defense, POW pins, more
Navy, Marines, Coast Guard pins, USA made
US Navy, Marine Corps, Seabees, Coast Guard pins

More Flag Lapel Pins
Friendship flag lapel pins
Bulk Lapel Pin Orders
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Custom flag lapel pins
Custom Friendship Lapel Pins

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