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Western American Territory Flags
Historic flags are USA made, nylon, sizes available as indicated. Also desktop flags, flag patches & flag decals.
Historic flag replications are available in custom sewn, custom hand painted, or in some cases custom embroidered. Please call or email for details.

Colonial / Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Historic USA 13-49 Stars
Historic Desktop Flag Sets

Spanish Empire flag, 1785
Spanish Empire

Russian American Company flag
Russian American Company
Alaska & California 1799-1842
3x5 ft nylon - $52.00
Mexican Empire flag
Mexican Empire 1821-1823
(Texas Under Mexico)
3x5 ft nylon - $42.50
Alamo flag 1824
Alamo Flag
(Texas 1824)
Gonzales Banner, Come and Take It flag
Gonzales Banner
Come and Take It (Texas 1835)
General Fremont Flag
General Fremont
(Western Territories 1841)
California Republic  flag 1848
California Republic
(Sonoma California 1846)
Union 34 star flag
Union Civil War 34 Star Flag
3x5 ft nylon printed - $45.90
Sewn made to order 3x5 thru 5x8 ft
Desktop flag - $3.50
Cavalry Guidon flag
Cavalry Guidon, historic
est. 1862 - 1885
3'x5' nylon printed - $42.50

Historical flags available on this page: Spanish Empire, Russian American, Mexican Empire, Alamo, Gonzales Banner,
General Fremont, California Republic 1846, Union 33 Star, Union 34 Star, Cavalry Guidon, Union 35 Star

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