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Early Colonial American Flags, American Revolution War Flags, War of 1812
All historic flags are USA made in sizes as noted. Desktop flags, miniature flags & desktop flag sets, flag patches & flag decals are indicated where available.
Historic flag replications are available in custom sewn, custom hand painted, or in some cases custom embroidered. Please call or email for details.

Colonial Era / Revolutionary War
War of 1812 Flags
Western Territory / Civil War
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Historic USA 13-49 Star Flags
Historic Desktop Flag Sets

Spanish Explorer Flags, Colonial Spain in America, Flags in the New World, Europeans in the New World, Flags of New France, England in America, British Colonial Flags in America
Christopher Columbus flag
Christopher Columbus
Expedition Ensign 1492
Spanish Cross of Burgundy flag
Spain, Cross of Burgundy

Military 1506 - 1701
Spanish Empire flag, 1785
Spanish Empire
French Fleur-de-lis flag
Fleur-de-lis, 3 gold/blue
French Explorers, N. America
French Fleur-de-lis flag
Fleur-de-lis, 3 gold/white
Royalists / French Revolution 
French Fleur-de-lis flag
Fleur-de-lis, 23 gold/white
French Royal Family pre-1790

England Cross of St. George flag
England, Cross of St. George

England 1505 - 1606
Lord Baltimore historic flag
Lord Baltimore Flag
Maryland, 1622 - 1776

Kings Colors historic flag
King's Colors Flag
England 1606 - 1801


Taunton Liberty and Union flag
Taunton Flag
Massachusetts, 1774

Bedford historic flag
Bedford Flag
Massachusetts, 1775
Bunker Hill historic flag
Bunker Hill Flag
Massachusetts, 1775
  Rattle Snake Flags / DONT TREAD ON ME / Gadsden & Culpeper flags / First Navy Jack
Continental American Revolution flag
Continental Flag

Battle of Bunker Hill 1775
Gadsden flag, Revolutionary War flags
Gadsden Flag
South Carolina 1775
Culpeper rattlesnake flag
Culpeper Flag
Virginia 1775

First Navy Jack rattlesnake flag
First Navy Jack
1775 (unofficial) 1976 official US Navy
Fort Moultrie flag
Fort Moultrie Flag
South Carolina 1776
Pine Tree historic flag
Pine Tree Flag
New England / Massachusetts
Washington Cruiser's flag
Washington's Cruisers Flag

Continental Army 1775 / 1776
Grand Union historic flag
Grand Union Flag

1775 - 1777
Betsy Ross 13 star flag
Betsy Ross Flag
1776 (popular)
Bennington 1776 flag
Bennington Flag

1776 (unofficial)
Cowpens 13 star flag
Cowpens Flag
Maryland / S Carolina 1781
Serapis historic 13 star flag
Serapis Flag
"John Paul Jones Flag" 1781
Guilford Courthouse 13 star flag
Guilford Courthouse Flag
North Carolina 1781

First Navy Stars and Stripes flag
First Navy Stars & Stripes
13 stars (1777-1795)
Commodore Perry historic flag
Commodore Perry Flag
Battle of Lake Erie
War of 1812
Star Spangled Banner 15 star flag
Star Spangled Banner

15 stars (1795-1818)
also Ft McHenry 1814, War of 1812

List of historical flags & Revolutionary War flags available on this page: Bedford, Bennington, Betsy Ross, British Red Ensign, British Union / Kings Colors, Bunker Hill, Columbus 1492, Commodore Perry, Continental, Cowpens, Cross of St. George, Culpeper, First Navy Jack, French Fleur De Lis, Fort Moultrie, Gadsden, Gonzales Banner, Grand Union, Green Mountain Boys, Guilford Courthouse, Lord Baltimore, Philadelphia Light Horse Troop, New England Pine Tree, Rhode Island Regiment, Serapis, Sons of Liberty, Spain - Cross of Burgundy, Spain - Lions and Castles, Spanish Empire, Star Spangled Banner, Taunton, Washington's Commander in Chief, Washington's Cruisers

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