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Rent flagpoles & bases by the day or by the week. Available for events nationwide.
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Standard Flag Rental Hardware Set Premium Flag Rental Hardware Set
Flag Rental Hardware Premium Hardware Set
8 ft. slip fit gold anodized aluminum flagpole, portable floor stand, vinyl flag fastener rings, slip fit finial, optional flag spreader

8 ft. polished oak flagpole, unweighted gilt finish floor stand, gold aluminum pole rings, eagle or spear ornament, optional flag spreader
  • Flagpole sets are designed for indoor display. Temporary outdoor display requires sand-bagging.
  • Pole dimensions: 8ft x 1in. aluminum, 9ft x 1 in.aluminum, or 8 ft x 1 in. polished oak.
  • Mounting Recommendations: 3x5 ft flag - 8 ft flagpole, 4x6 ft flag - 9 ft flagpole
  • Collapsible floor stand: polymeric plastic, dark brown, collapses for easy shipping. Accepts 1", 1 1/8" and 1 1/4" dia. poles.
  • Optional floor stand: unweighted gilt finish indoor stand. 12" diameter x 6" H . Available for up to twelve (12) rental sets
  • Vinyl flag rings with thumbscrew, allow for secure fastening of the flags to the poles. Gold aluminum rings require a screwdriver to fasten.
Flag Rentals - Portable Flagpole BaseFlag Rentals - Flagpole Base, open
Portable floor stand shown collapsed & open
Flag mounting rings
Vinyl flagpole ring
Aluminum flagpole ring
Gold aluminum flagpole ring
Flag Spreader - optional for indoor flagpole displays
Indoor Flagpole
Flag w/out spreader
Flag Spreader
Flag w/ flag spreader
Flag Spreader, back
Flag Spreader end clip
End Clip
Flag Spreader, pole clamp
Pole Clamp

To Receive a Flag Rental Quote, Please Provide:

  • Flags and sizes required
  • Hardware required - (if any)
  • Date required
  • Duration of rental
  • Location of rental with shipping zip code
USA Toll free 800-798-5431 Fax 707-938-3344. e-mail: sales@embassyflag.com
Flag Rentals for Trade Shows, Conventions, Exhibits, Expositions, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Weddings, Political Campaigns.


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