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Rent military flags by the day or by the week. Available for events nationwide.
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Military Flag Rental Sets

U.S. Military flags for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and Space Force are available to rent in two styles. Flags are 200 denier nylon, USA made. Premium flag set with optional flag spreaders is displayed. Space Force flags are available with fringe only.

Standard Sets: 3x5 ft or 4x6 ft nylon flags with heading & grommets, 8 ft or 9 ft gold anodized aluminium flagpoles and portable floor stands.
Premium Sets: 3x5 ft nylon flags with pole sleeve and gold fringe, 8 ft wood flagpole, solid floor stands. Optional flag spreaders are available for both sets.

Flagpole sets are designed for indoor display. Temporary outdoor display requires sand-bagging.

To Receive a Flag Rental Quote, Please Provide:

  • Flags and sizes required
  • Hardware required - (if any)
  • Date required
  • Duration of rental
  • Location of rental with shipping zip code

Rental Hardware: Flagpoles & Floor Stands

Available mountings include:

8 & 9 ft two-piece, slip fit gold aluminum flagpole with gold acorn finial
and collapsible flagpole bases, or premium 8 ft. oak flagpoles and solid bases

USA Toll free 800-798-5431 Fax 707-938-3344. e-mail: sales@embassyflag.com 
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