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Rent United States flags by the day or by the week. Available for events nationwide.
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Giant USA flag rentals
United States flag rentals
to 15 x 25 ft
Rent USA flags
United States flag rentals
USA Flag Rentals
USA Rental Flag Set 3x5 ft
(8' aluminum flagpoles and portable floor stands)

USA Large Flag Rentals
Flag Sizes: 6x10 ft......8x12 ft....10x15 ft......12x18 ft.....15x25 ft
12x18 ft and 15x25 ft flags are typical for stage backdrops
All large USA flags are constructed of 200 denier nylon with sewn stripes and applique or embroidered stars.

Rigging instructions for flags over 8x12 ft:
These flags are constructed with nylon rope stitched into the heading, looped into thimbles at each end. Typically these large flags are draped vertically with hooks inserted into the thimble ends. Giant size flags may also be lifted by the use of a metal bar inserted through therope thimbles across the top of the flag, and raised with a lift or winch or block(s) and cable(s). To display giant flags horizontally on a stage, use banner clips (displayed below) to avoid damaging the flag material, suspending from staging or lighting bars as required.

U.S.A. Flag Rentals
USA flags are constructed of 200 denier nylon with sewn stripes and embroidered stars
Standard: 3x5 ft or 4x6 ft flags with heading & grommets
Premium: 3x5 ft or 4x6 ft flags with pole sleeve and gold fringe

Mounting Recommendations:
3x5 ft - 8 ft flagpole
4x6 ft - 9 ft flagpole
5x8 ft - 10 ft flagpole

Banner ClipsBanner Clips Wire Rope and Thimble Heading and Grommets

Banner Clips - allow extra large USA flags to be hung horizontally for stage applications. Banner clips accept rigging wire or rope.

8x12 ft and larger flags have rope heading & thimble ends 3x5 ft - 6x10 ft flags
have heading & 2 brass grommets
Large USA flag rental
Large USA flag rental 15x25 ft for Fire Department memorial service
Rental Hardware:
Flagpoles & Flagpole Bases

Rent Flags,  polesFlag Rentals, poles
Available mountings include 8 & 9 ft two-piece, slip fit gold anodized aluminum flagpole with gold acorn finial and collapsible flagpole bases
To Receive a Flag Rental Quote, Please Provide:
  • Flags and sizes required
  • Hardware required - (if any)
  • Date required
  • Duration of rental
  • Location of rental with shipping zip code
USA Toll free 800-798-5431 Fax 707-938-3344. e-mail: sales@embassyflag.com
Flag Rentals for Trade Shows, Special Events, Conventions, Exhibits, Expositions, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Weddings, Political Campaigns.


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