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Sri Lanka outdoor and indoor flags, desktop flags, flag lapel pins
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International flags are USA made, material is 200 denier nylon
Outdoor flags are finished with heading and brass grommets up to 6x10 ft.
Indoor flags are finished with a pole sleeve in 3x5 ft and 4x6 ft.

Sri Lanka flag

Sri Lanka Indoor Flag
Nylon with pole hem and fringe
Indoor / Parade flagpoles & accessories

Sri Lanka indoor flag

Sri Lanka Desktop Flag
4"x6" soft nylon miniature flag mounted on a 10" black staff
with golden spear point

Sri Lanka desktop flags

Desktop Flag Stands / Bases - for 4"x6" desktop flags
# 1-7 hole black plastic, #10 & 12 hole wood

Desktop flag stands

Sri Lanka flag lapel pin / friendship pin, crossed flags
Etched & Die Struck Enamel flag lapel pins on brass
3/4" to 1" (19 to 24 mm)

Sri Lanka flag lapel pin Sri Lanka / USA friendship flag lapel pin

Sri Lanka outdoor flags
are USA made of nylon flag material and are finished with a canvas heading and two brass grommets on the hoist side, 2 rows of stitching top and bottom sides and 4 rows of stitching on the fly side. They are attached to the flagpole by means of a halyard (rope) and flag snaps, or to smaller poles with flag fasteners. Standard sizes for outdoor international flags are 2x3 ft, 3x5 ft, 4x6 ft, 5x8 ft and 6x10 ft. Flags are available in larger sizes made to order.

Sri Lanka indoor flags are available in 3x5 ft and 4x6 ft. nylon, and feature a pole sleeve with a flannel liner and a tab sewn inside the sleeve. The tab attaches to a hook or screw a top of the parade or display flagpole to keep the flag from sliding down the pole. Indoor and parade flags are finished with two-inch gold rayon fringe. These flags are also available with a pole sleeve only with no fringe (made to order, allow 2 weeks). All indoor flags are USA made.

3x5 ft indoor flags are typically displayed on either 7 ft or 8 ft poles. 4x6 ft indoor flags are typically displayed on 9 ft poles. Poles are available in polished hardwood and either silver or gold anodized aluminum. Indoor floor stands are available in either weighted ABS plastic or cast metal in gilt, brass or chrome finishes. Flagpole finials for indoor / parade poles are available in ABS plastic and both brass or chrome metal finishes.

Sri Lanka desktop flags are made in the United States. Size is 4 x 6 inch, lightweight nylon material, hemmed all four sides, mounted on 10” black staffs with a golden spear point. Table top bases are available in black plastic to display from 1- 7 flags. Wood bases are available with either 10 holes or 12 holes to display additional flags.

Sri Lanka
flag colors, UN specified Pantone colors: Red Maroon 683, Green 361, Yellow/Orange 165/137

Year Adopted: 1972
The flag of Sri Lanka is yellow with two panels and is slso referred to as the Lion Flag. The smaller hoist-side panel has two equal vertical bands of green (hoist side) and orange, and the other larger panel depicts a yellow lion holding a sword on a dark red rectangular field that also displays a yellow bo leaf in each corner. The yellow field appears as a border around the entire flag and extends between the two panels. The lion represents Sinhalese ethnicity, the strength of the nation, and bravery. The sword demonstrates the sovereignty of the nation. The four bo leaves, symbolizing Buddhism and its influence on the country, stand for the four virtues of kindness, friendliness, happiness, and equanimity. Orange signifies Sri Lankan Tamils, green the Sri Lankan Moors, dark red represents the European Burghers, but also refers to the rich colonial background of the country;, and yellow denotes other ethnic groups. (ref: CIA World Factbook, Jan. 2014)

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