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Also known as Royal Standard of Spain (Castile e Leon)
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Spain Lions and Castles historic flags are USA made.
200 denier nylon, finished with heading and brass grommets

Available made to order in large sizes up to 6 ft x 10 ft.

Spain Lions and Castles historic flag

Historic Spain Lions and Castles Desktop Flag
4"x6" soft nylon, miniature flag mounted on a 10" black staff
with golden spear point

Spain Lions and Castles flag

Desktop Flag Stands / Bases - for 4"x6" desktop flags
# 1-7 hole black plastic, #10 & 12 hole wood

Desktop flag stands

Historic Spain Lions and Castles outdoor flags
are USA made of nylon flag material and are finished with a canvas heading and two brass grommets on the hoist side, 2 rows of stitching top and bottom sides and 4 rows of stitching on the fly side. They are attached to the flagpole by means of a halyard (rope) and flag snaps, or to smaller poles with flag fasteners. Standard stock size for the Spain Lions and Castles flag is 3x5 ft. Other larger flag sizes are made to order, allow 2 weeks.

Spain Lions and Castles desktop flags are made in the United States. Size is 4 x 6 inch, lightweight nylon material, hemmed all four sides, mounted on 10” black staffs with a golden spear point. Table top bases are available in black plastic to display from 1- 7 flags. Wood bases are available with either 10 holes or 12 holes to display additional flags.

A variant of the standard of the Kingdoms of Castile and Leon in Spain, united under King Ferdinand and used from 1230 until 1516. It was also a naval ensign during the same period. The flag consists of quartered arms, diagonally opposed of a red lion on a white field opposite a yellow castle on a red field. The Castle is the emblem of the Spanish province of Castille, and the Lion represents Leon. Colombus, Balboa and Ponce de Leon likely sailed under this flag, and carried it for their discoveries of the West Indies, Pacific Ocean and Florida. Magellan’s expedition likely carried the Cross of Burgundy banner sailing around the world. Cortez may have carried this flag during the conquest of Mexico. The Spanish Cross of Burgundy was also often carried by military expeditions beginning in 1506.

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