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International NATO flags are USA made,
200 denier nylon,with heading and brass grommets,
or convert to pole sleeve for indoor & parade use

Nato flag

NATO Desktop Flag
4"x6" soft nylon, mounted on a 10" black staff
with golden spear point

Nato desktop flags

Desktop Flag Stands / Bases - for 4"x6" desktop flags
# 1-7 hole black plastic, #10 & 12 hole wood

Desktop flag stands
The NATO Emblem & Flag

Year Adopted: 14 October 14, 1953. The North Atlantic Council "approved a flag for NATO, the design of which was a white and blue compass on a dark blue background."

On 28 October 1953, NATO Secretary General Lord Ismay announced that the North Atlantic Council had adopted a design for the official NATO emblem. He explained that the symbolism of the emblem could be described as "a four-pointed star representing the compass that keeps us on the right road, the path of peace, and a circle representing the unity that binds together the 14 countries of NATO." The blue background represented the Atlantic Ocean and the circle symbolized unity. Ref: http://www.nato.int/history/nato-history-emblem.html

Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations (NATO)
and year of acceptance
Albania (2009) Estonia (2004) Latvia (2004) Romania (2004)
Belgium (1949) France (1949) Lithuania (2004) Slovakia (2004)
Bulgaria (2004) Germany (1955) Luxembourg (1949) Slovenia (2004)
Canada (1949) Greece (1952) Netherlands (1949) Spain (1982)
Croatia (2009) Hungary (1999) Norway (1949) Turkey (1952)
Czech Rep. (1999) Iceland (1949) Poland (1999) United Kingdom (1949)
Denmark (1949) Italy (1949) Portugal (1949) United States (1949)

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