Embassy Flag, flagpole accessories

Eagles, ball tops, spears, crosses, religious flagpole ornaments & finials, in brass and chrome finishes

Flagpole ornaments & flagpole accessories on this page are designed for use with wood and aluminum indoor and parade flagpoles.
Height dimensions include the ferrule adaptor. Ferrules are for use on indoor or parade style polished wood poles. Aluminum flagpoles may require an ornament adaptor. For outdoor ground mounted flagpole ornaments & accessories click here
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Eagle flagpole ornament
Classic Eagle
abs plastic
golden metalized finish
8.5" wing - $22.30
Eagle flagpole ornament
Golden Eagle / Perched Eagle
Brass Plated Aluminum
5" wing, 6 3/4" height- $29.90
7" wing, 6 3/4" height - $33.00

large eagle for 5x8 ft flags on 12 ft poles
11" wingspan - $69.00
Eagle flagpole ornament
Golden Eagle abs plastic
7" wing, 6 3/4" height
Army Spear flagpole finial
Army Spear
Brass 7" - $45.40
Brass 8.25" - $52.50
Chrome Plated 7" - $59.90
Chrome Plated 8.25" - $66.80
Award ribbon holderassembled award ribbon holder
Award Ribbon Holder
for use with army spear

Outside diameter 3 1/2"
Iinside diameter 7/8"
gold finish - $44.95
silver finish - $39.95
Spear flagpole finial
Universal Spear
9" height, abs plastic
Chrome finish - $21.90
Gold finish - $21.90

Staff Spear
7" height
Brass - $43.50
Chrome - $62.30

Fancy Spear
Golden abs plastic 7.75" - $20.90
Brass plated alum. 8" - $43.30

Round Spear - 8" long
Silver, abs plastic - $21.10
Golden, abs plastic - $21.10
Chrome plated alum. - $48.30
Brass plated alum. - $43.40
Ball Top flagpole finial
Ball Top
3" diameter, 6" height
gold anodized alum. - $45.20

silver finish - $38.00
Battalion Lance flagpole finials
Battalion Lance, Battle Axe
solid brass polished
9" height - $49.80
Fleur de Lis flagpole top
Fleur de Lis Ornament

gold metal polished
with ferrule, not displayed
7.75" height - $51.00
Eastern Star flagpole finial
Order of the Eastern Star
solid brass polished
7" height - $46.10
Guiding Star flagpole ornaments
Texas Star / Guiding Star
solid brass, polished & lacquered
7" height - $43.90

Maple Leaf

solid brass polished
8.25" long - $81.90
Religious, Church, Heraldic & Organizational Flagpole Ornaments / Flagpole Finials
Plain Church Cross
Plain Church Cross

solid brass, polished
9" long - $51.90

Church Cross
brass plated aluminum
9" long - $38.90
Catholic Cross flagpole finial
Catholic Cross
gold anodized aluminum
9" long - $52.10

Botonee Cross
solid brass polished
10" height - $76.10
Star of David flagpole ornament
Star of David
solid brass polished
8" long - $43.50

Classic Church Cross
abs plastic, metalized finish
8" long - $28.90

Maltese Cross
Maltese Cross / Amalfi Cross

solid gold metal polished
with ferrule, not displayed
6.75" height - $45.00
Metal golden bear ornament
Golden Bear
gold metal polished
with ferrule, not displayed
7 1/2" height - $51.00
Metal golden elks head ornament
Elks Head
gold metal polished
complete with stud & special ferrule
(not displayed)
6 1/2" height - $48.00
Gold metal  cardinal ornament
Golden Cardinal
gold metal polished
with ferrule, not displayed
8" height - $48.00
Cord and Tassel Sets, Indoor and Parade Flagpole Accessories and Parts
Cord and tassel sets

Gold Cord and Tassel Sets
3" tassel 60" cord, (2x3 ft flags) - $12.90

5" tassel 108" cord (3x5 ft flags) - $17.80

6" tassel 108" cord (4x6 ft flags) - $21.80

Silver Cord and Tassel Sets
5" tassel 108" cord (3x5 ft flags) - $27.50

White Cord and Tassel Sets
5" tassel 108" cord (3x5 ft flags) - $27.50

Aluminum pole rings
Gold anodized pole rings
for wood poles
1" diameter - $4.20 each
1 1/4" dia. - $6.90 each
Brass screw eyes
Brass Screw Eyes
for wood poles
$0.40 each
Facts About Flagstaff Ornaments for US MIlitary Display

US Air Force (ref: Flag and Guidon Regulation Section 2.35.2 Flagstaff Ornament, Head or Finial) Finials authorized for use by the Air Force are the eagle and the silver spade (army spear).

US Army (regulation 840-10). Only the following finials are authorized on the flag used by Army organizations:
(1) Eagle (Presidential flagstaffs)
(2) Spearhead (The spearhead is the only device used with Army flags). Note: both brass and chrome are used.
(3) Acorn (Markers and marking pennants flagstaffs.)
(4) Ball (Outdoor wall mounted for advertising or recruiting.

US Navy regulations call for polished brass finish ornaments. (ref; US Navy Flag and Guidon Regulations, Chapter 11 sections 1102, 1103, 1104) Spread eagle ornaments are regulation in a number of instnaces. Other finials:
Battle axe:
The staff ornament for the national ensign, when displayed other than in boats, shall be the battle-ax. A battle-ax shall top the flagstaff on which is flown the Navy flag and battalion colors.
Navy Guidons: The flagstaff topping ornament for the guidon shall be the spearhead (army spear).
Ball top: For officers of the grade or equivalent grade of Captain in the Navy, and for such diplomatic officials as Career Ministers, Consuls, or First Secretary of an Embassy or Legation.
Star: For officers of the grade or equivalent grade of Commander in the Navy.

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