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100% USA Made, Custom Marine and Nautical Flags, Custom Yacht Burgees & Pennants,
Yacht Club Burgees & Pennants, Yacht Club Signals, Private Signals, Marina Flags, Ensigns

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Shapes, Sizes and Styles

Common Boat Flag Sizes
10x15", 12x18", 16x24", 2x3 ft

Rectangular flag
Rectangular boat flag
swallowtail boat flag
Swallowtail burgee
200 denier nylon (printed or appliqued)
250 woven polyester (printed)
400 denier nylon (appliqued only)
canvas heading & brass grommets
tapered swallowtail burgee
Tapered swallowtail
pennant shape boat flag
Pennant shape


Digital Print Single Side Reverse
600 dpi 4 color process
A mirror image appears on the reverse side
Most common production method for all flags

Side One, Single Reverse
Custom Marina Signal
Side 2 Single Reverse
reverse side, digital  print

Double Side Digital Print
Reads correctly both sides
Two flags sewn back-to-back, block-out liner if needed
Double side flags are heavier and require more wind to to fly.

Side One, Printed double
Custom printed flag, front side
Reverse Side, Printed double
Printed flag double side 2

Appliqued / Sewn
For more simple designs and small quantities
Back to back panels stiched to a single piece of material; or
Two flags stitched back to back with a liner

Side One, Sewn
Custom appliquéd flag, front side
Reverse Side, Sewn
Custom appliquéd flag, back side

For a Price Quote / How To Order Custom Boat Flags

Please supply: size - quantity - artwork - single or double face

Standard Production Time: 2 weeks (printed), 3-4 weeks on applique / sewn
Rush Delivery: rush charges may apply, please specify a deadline for quote

Print production artwork should be supplied in a vector formatted digital graphics file. Vector formatted = Adobe Illustrator or .eps file. Please convert fonts to curves & specify all pms colors. Other artwork formats may be acceptable but may incur additional charges.
Sewn Process Artwork may be supplied with a drawing, photo and/ or description in some cases; more detailed specs may require vector art

Sample Custom Boat Flags / Marine Flags / Custom Yacht Burgees & Pennants - Digital Print and Dye Sublimation

Custom Marina Signal
Flamenco Marina, Panama
Custom 12x18" pennants
Mantus Anchors custom flags
Mantus Anchors
Custom Boat Flag
Women Who Sail flags
"Women Who Sail" Custom Pennants
Custom Sea Dog flag
Sea Dog
Custom Print Boat Flag
Custom Boat Flags / Yacht Flags
C&C Yachts Flag
Custom Yacht Burgee 12"x18"
Custom Burgee
Custom Yacht Club Burgee
Double side dye sublimation
Custom Yacht Ensigns
Syracuse University
Custom Yacht Burgee 2'x3'
Custom yacht ensign
Custom Yacht Burgee
Double sided print, dacron
Custom Made Burgee
Brisbane Marina
Custom Burgees 2'x3' print
Custom Yacht Signal
Custom Yacht Signal - Sun
Dye sublimation

custom tapered swall-tail boat flag
Custom Boat Flag
Tapered swallow-tail printed
Custom yacht ensign, pennant
Custom Yacht Ensign
Printed double side pennant

Custom Super Yacht, Cruise Ship and Ocean Liner Flags in Larger Sizes
2x3 ft, 3x5 ft, 4x6 ft and larger. 4x6 ft flags are recommended for yachts and boats over 90 ft
Materials to handle the most extreme weather conditions; 400 denier nylon and 250 denier woven polyester
International shipping is available

suoer yacht custom flag custom flags for extreme weather conditions A&K custom ship flag

Custom printed flags and pennants supplied for a Florida super yacht and an Antarctica bound expedition.
Click for a larger center image. The A&K pennant is actually 3x5 feet.

Sample Custom Appliqued / Sewn Yacht Club Burgees, Yacht Club Signals, Private Signals, Boating Flags, Ensigns
Color Chart for Nylon Flag Fabrics
Warwick Country CLub Pennant
Custom Yacht Club Burgee
12"x18" stitched nylon
Custom Boat Burgee
Custom Terrier Burgee
Sewn 12"x18"
Custom corporate logo yacht ensign
Custom Yacht Ensign
Swallowtail, sewn

Custom Yacht Club Signals
Sample Custom Yacht Club Signals
Custom Marine Flags, Boat Flags

Custom Boat Pennant
Custom M Boat Ensign
Sewn 12"x18"
Custom yacht ensign
Yacht Ensign
Sewn 12"x18"
Custom boat flag
Boat flag
12"x18" Appliqued, nylon
Dragon Boat Flag
Custom Dragon Boat flag
Sewn 2'x3'

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