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Custom Lapel Pins

Minimum order: 300 pcs.
Price: dependant upon artwork, size and quantity
Quantity discounts: 500 - 1000 - 3000 - 5000 - 10000 pieces
Styles: die struck & etched enamel, hard enamel cloisonne, printed, die cast
Sizes:- 1/2" through 1 1/2" by 1/8's
Military (butterfly) clutch is standard, other clutch styles available.
Design: custom flag lapel pins, custom flag frienship lapel pins, custom military lapel pins, custom corporate logo lapel pins, promotional lapel pins
Standard Production Time: 3 weeks

Rush Delivery: rush charges may apply, pls specify deadline for quote 

Virgina custom flag pins
Virginia International Export Pins

Custom 3 flag lapel pin
Custom 3-Flag Lapel Pins, Italy, USA, Israel

Custom lapel pin production is also now available made in USA of USA made and stamped brass, and inks...fast turnaround.
Toll free 800-798-5431, sales@embassyflag.com, Mon-Friday Pacific time.

State Department custom pin
Custom Lapel Pin
State Department
Foreign Service Institute
Peace Corps / Fji pin
Peace Corps / Fiji
Lapel Pin
Custom Lapel Pin
Custom Lapel Pin
US State Department / Surname
Custom Peace Corp friendship pin
Custom Lapel Pin
Peace Corps
Corporate custom flag pin
Custom Corporate
Flag Pin
New Zealand Postal
New Zealand Postal
Epoxy coated custom pin
Australian Navy pin
Australian High Command
Custom Lapel Pin
Vatican custom  lapel pin
Vatican City / Cuba
custom friendship pin

Custom Rheon lapel pin
Rheon Custom Lapel Pin
Friendship Pin

Custom Rheon lapel pin
Rheon Custom Lapel Pin
Friendship Pin
Canada / Cameroon lapel pin
Canada Foreign Service
/ Cameroon pin
Trinidad Gov't custom pin
Trinidad Embassy
Custom friendship pin

Custom lapel pin
Custom Lapel Pin
UN / Japan

Custom pin
Custom Friendship Pin
UN / South Korea
Custom diplomatic pins
Custom Made Pin
UN / Jordan
Custom Lapel Pin
Custom Pin
Bahamas Red Ensign
Custom friendship lapel pins
Custom Friendship Lapel Pin
UK / Bahamas Red Ensign
Custom frienship lapel pin
Custom Frienship Lapel Pin
USA / Bahamas Red Ensign
Custom pins
Custom Lapel Pin
Canada / Barbados
Custom made lapel pins
Custom Lapel Pin
UK / Barbados
Custom Lapel pins
Custom Friendship Pin
Greece / Bahamas R. E.
Custom pins
Custom Lapel Pin
China / Barbados
Custom city friendship flag pin
City of Frederick Maryland
friendship pin
Custom friendship pin
Custom Friendship Flag Pin
Brazil / Barbados

Custom Lapel Pin
Custom Friendship Flag Pin
Brazil / Barbados
Custom military lapel pin
Custom Military Lapel Pins
Die struck enamel
Custom pins
Prudential Hot Air Balloon
Custom Pin
USA, NATO custom flag pin
friendship flag pin
Custom lapel pins
Custom Pin
UK / India

Custom Desktop Flags - Digital Print Process, USA made

for reproduction of your image with high penetration and richness of colors
Minimum order: 125 pieces. No set-up charges.
- Single side reverse
- Mounted or Unmounted
Mounting details on black staff, gold spear top:
4" x 6" - 10" staff, 8"x 12" - 18" staff, 12"x18" - 30" staff
(12"x18" may also be finished with heading and grommets, please call for quote)
Material: soft nylon, 70 denier
Standard Production Time: 3 weeks
. Rush Delivery: rush charges apply, pls specify deadline for quote 

Extra Options: gold fringe, cord and tassel, unmounted / no staff
Not all fonts can be reproduced at this size - submit artwork if there is a question.

Production artwork should be supplied in a vector formatted digital graphics file.
Vector formatted = Adobe Illustrator or .eps file. Other forms are acceptable but may incur additional charges

Custom Desktop Flags / Custom Mini FlagsCustom Destop Flag
Sample Custom Made Desktop Flags

Custom Desktop Flags
Army Corps of Engineers
Custom Desktop Flag
Custom Military Desktop Flags
Military Police
Custom Desktop Flag
Custom Miniature Flags
Transportation Corps
Custom Desktop Flag
NY Explorers Club desktop flag
Custom Desktop Flag
Explorers Club of NY
Custom Desktop Flag - Clos Du Val
Custom Desktop Flag
Clos Du Val Winery
Custom dekstop flag
Custom Desktop Flag
Custom desktop flag
Boy Scouts Custom Desktop Flag
Custom Made Miniature Flags
Custom made desktop flag
Kodak Custom Desktop Flag
Custom military desktop flag
Navy Seabees
Custom Miniature Flag

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