Embassy Flag, Aluminum Flagpoles

Commercial Flagpoles & Architectural Flagpoles - Ground Mounted, External & Internal Halyard
Cone tapered, seamless aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles
Finishes - Satin Aluminum, Natural, Bronze or Black Anodized, White Powder Coat, White Fiberglas
CONTRACTORS: Please provide your CSI Section 107500 specifications for the quickest turnaround on quotes.
Installation instructions and architectural shop drawings are available for most flagpoles.

Commercial Flagpoles
Commercial Flagpoles, Architectural Flagpoles
External Halyard Aluminum Flagpoles
Continental Series Commercial / Architectural Grade
Exposed heights: 20' to 80' (6 - 24 meters)
Butt diameters: 4" to 12"
Wall thickness: .125" to .375"

Standard fittings:
Revolving cast aluminum single halyard truck
Limited stretch braided polypropylene halyard
Nickel plated snap hooks
9" cast aluminum cleat
Heavy gauge spun aluminum flash collar
Gold anodized, aluminum finial ball
10" or 12" butt diameter poles are fitted with a heavy duty, sealed bearing revolving truck and stainless steel snap hooks.
Foundation Sleeve:
The ground set foundation sleeve is made of hot-dipped galvanized corrugated steel with self-centering wedges and an integrated grounding rod.

Shaft Construction:
Cone tapered seamless 6063-T6 high strength aluminum
30' and 35' shafts are offered in either a once piece or two piece configuration to minimize shipping costs. Multiple piece shaft sets are pre-fitted at the factory and use a self-aligning internal sleeve. Most shafts are available with a heavy cast aluminum shoe base mount for surface mounting applications and also available with a heavy duty wall thickness for special applications.

Hurricane / Extreme Series External Halyard Flagpoles
For high wind locations - unflagged wind speed ratings from 200 mph

Increased wall thickness and increased butt diameters
Exposed heights: 25' to 70'
Butt diameters: 6" to 12"
Wall thickness: .250" to .375"

Heavy duty components are also included:
Heavy duty truck assembly with an aluminum sheave running on a stainless steel axel and automotive grade sealed spindle bearings.

Gold spun aluminum ball top, nylon halyard, stainless steel flag snaps, cast aluminum flashing collar.

Double halyard systems are available.

Satin mill finish, or clear, bronze, black aodized.

Please call 800-798-5431 to discuss your requirements or job specs.

Aluminum flagpole specifiations by height
External halyard aluminum flagpole design elementsexternal halyard detail, aluminum flagpoles 2 section aluminum flagpole joint detail aluminum flagpole joint section detail Standard revolving truck
reloving flagpole truck
Heavy duty truck
heavy duty flagpole truck
Estate Light Commercial / Residential Series
Exposed heights: 20'-35'

Standard Fittings:
4" gold anodized aluminum ball top, 6" cleat
Stationary truck assembly, polypropylene halyard, nylon flag snaps
Foundation sleeve - PVC instead of steel
Installation instructions

Small business, apartment complexes, model homes and private residences are prime locations for the Estate tapered aluminum flagpole. Estate flagpoles are manufactured from the same high quality materials, and to the same standards, as the architecturally designed Continental Series Flagpoles.

Estate Series: Aluminum One Piece 25 Ft. Flag Pole
25 Ft. Estate Series Flagpole - $475.00
Single section- 3" butt diameter, cone tapered, seamless 6063-T6 aluminum tubing
Satin mill finish, no maintenance shaft, suitable for 4'x6' flags
Shipping wt. - 54 lbs - rate varies by location.
Ships in 2-4 days.
Please call for a freight quote.
Stationary Truck Assembly
stationary flagpole truck

Internal Halyard Aluminum Flagpoles
Internal halyard systems limit access to the flag and reduce halyard noise
Only the flag, snap hooks, counterweight & retainer ring are exposed

Independence Internal Halyard Series (Cable Based System)
Exposed Heights: 25 to 80 ft. (7.6 - 24 meters)
6" - 12" butt diameter

Winch Assembly:
Internally mounted, gearless, direct drive, stainless steel winch, stainless steel aircraft cable. The patented winch features an automatic brake allowing the flag to be set an any height. The winch is mounted on an exclusive, patented, rotating winch plate, allowing easy access for operation and routine maintenance.

Access Door:
Locking flush access door with welded cast aluminum reinforcement frame

Truck Assembly:
Revolving cast aluminum truck assembly with sealed bearings

Aluminum flagpole specifiations by height

Internal halyard aluminum flagpole design elementsinternal halyard details, aluminum flagpoles

Standard Fittings for Both Independence and Sentry Models: Neoprene covered counterweight, beaded retainer ring, nickle plated snap hooks, gold anodized aluminum finial ball, heavy gauge spun aluminum flash collar, foundation sleeve: hot-dipped galvanized corrugated steel, integrated grounding rod

Hurricane / Extreme Series Internal Halyard Flagpoles
For high wind locations - unflagged wind speed ratings from 190-290 mph

Increased wall thickness and increased butt diameters
Exposed heights: 25' to 70'
Butt diameters: 6" to 12"
Wall thickness: .250" to .375"

Heavy duty components are also included
Cast aluminum gold ball/ truck combination in 8", 10" or 12" diameter
Stainless steel components for cable assemblies
Cast aluminum flashing collar

Aluminum flagpole specifiations by height

Sentry II Series - (Rope Based System)
Exposed Heights: 20 to 40 ft. ( 6-12 meters)
5" - 7" butt diameter

Winch Assembly:
Lower priced system uses a manual cam-cleat mechanism, a rope based halyard and reinforced access door. Simple to use cam cleat mechanism requires no maintenance.

Access Door:
Locking flush access door assembly.

Truck Assembly:
Stationary cast aluminum truck on 5" shafts
Revolving cast aluminum truck assembly on 6" & 7" shafts

Fiberglass Ground Mounted Flagpoles, External & Internal Halyard

Exposed Heights: 25 ft. - 40 ft. Made in the U.S.A.
Poles are single section. One or two sections for 40' and over.

Available in both External and Internal Halyard Systems. Lightweight fiberglass poles make installation easier.

Standard fittings:
Fiberglass rotating truck assembly, fiberglass base cover, gold aluminum ball top

Ground Mount Options:
Sleeve Base
: fiberglass foundation sleeve (no grounding rod is required on fiberglass poles)
Hinged Base: available for flagpoles up to 40 ft., substitutes an anchor bolt configuration in place of a foundation sleeve. The hinged base plate sits at the top of the anchor bolts.

Finishes: White, Metallic Bronze. Gel coating is mixed with the fiberglass resin to produce a composite with the same color throughout the wall thickness. Fiberglass flagpoles are not painted. Shaft warranty is 20 years.

Specifications: Fiberglass Flagpoles      
Exposed height Butt dia. Top dia. Wind Speed
Flag Size Wind Speed
Shipping Wt.
20 ft. 4 3/16" 2 3/4" 210 mph 3x5' 170 mph 42 lbs
25 ft. 4 1/2" 2 3/4" 190 mph 4x6' 150 mph 58 lbs
* '' '' 200 mph '' 160 mph 66 lbs
30 ft. 4 7/8" 2 3/4" 170 mph 5x8' 130 mph 74 lbs
* '' '' 190 mph '' 150 mph 86 lbs
35 ft. 5 1/4" 2 3/4" 160 mph 6x10' 120 mph 96 lbs
* '' '' 150 mph '' 140 mph 111 lbs
40 ft. 5 2/3" 2 3/4" 140 mph 6x10' 110 mph 120 lbs
* '' '' 160 mph '' 130 mph 135 lbs
* indicates internal halyard large access door, other specs identical

Please call 800-798-5431 for a price quote including shipping.

Fiberglass Flagpole
Fiberglass Flagpole
Fiberglass poles with yardarm
Yardarms are available.
See Nautical Flagpoles for details

Ground Sleeve Foundation Installation
Hinge / Tilt Base Foundation Installation

Internal Halyard counter weight & retainer ring set-up

In ground sleeve; external halyard & small internal halyard
In ground sleeve; large internal halyard

Tilt base; external halyard & small internal halyard
Tilt base; large internal halyard

Wind Resistant Tests
Wind Certification

Flashing collar, fiberglass pole
Fiberglass base flashing collar
Flagpole gold ball top
Anodized ball top
Internal halyard fiberglass flagpole
Internal halyard access
Truck assembly, fiberglass
Revolving truck assembly, fiberglass poles
Tilt hinge base hardware
Optional hinged / tilting base
Fiberglass flashing collar
Round flashing collar


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