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Airfield Vehicle Safety Flags / Airport Construction Flags
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Airfield safety flags are used for marking construction vehicles and jobsite obstructions / hazards at airports. Flags meet Federal Aviation Administration requirements for airport construction jobsite safety. Buy on-line.

Size - 3 ft. x 3 ft.
Material - Nyl-Glo™ Solarguard Nylon

High Visibility International orange / white checkered pattern. Airfield vehicle safety flags are USA made (Annin & Co.), heavy nylon, with open nylon sleeve pole band, stitched at top to fit over a standard 3/4" - 1" wood dowel, or use steel rebar dowel, flat wood stake, wood lathing, etc. and a piece of duct tape at the bottom end of the sleeve to secure.

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Airfield Safety flag

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Federal guidelines for displaying airport safety flags for airport and heliport construction. Flags are recommended for use with the following site conditions:

  • Construction vehicles in the airfield operating area (crossing, on, or near runways / taxiways)
  • Job site hazards such as barricades, taxiways leading to closed runways, open manholes, on-site construction materials, or other related hazards. Flags should be stiffened for maximum visibility under these conditions with a maximum 20 ft. spacing.
  • Larger equipment (i.e. cranes, drilling rigs, lifts, etc). Flags should be stiffened under these conditions also, displayed every 50 ft. to the highest point (30 ft. recommended on closely grouped hazards).

In addition to FAA requirements, these airport vehicle safety flags meet construction project specs under the Unified Facilities Guide Specification, "Special Procedures for Airfields, Heliports" (applies to NAVFAC, AFCESA, USACE and NASA projects). Airfield safety flags are manufactured by Annin & Co.; flag item # 312850. Airfield vehicle safety flags match the following other manufacturer item numbers: Eder # 155278, Nabco # AF-1.

A specification for Airfield Vehicle Safety Flags is also posted at The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH), U.S. Army Heraldry, Miscellaneous Flags. Complies with Army regulation 840-10, section 7-15.6.

The airport vehicle safety flag is shown in use on dump trucks, graders, pavement grinder, front loaders, crane and paving machine.

Airfield Vehicle Safety flags
Airfield Vehicle Safety flag
Airport Construction flag
Airport Vehicle Safety flags
Airfield safety flags
Airport Safety flag
airfield safety flag on crane
Airfield vehicle safety flags used on cranes and various heavy construction equipment

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